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See if you can answer this trivia question below! Everyone who participates (right or wrong answer) will be entered into the monthly drawing

to win a $50 gift card to Dennis' 7 Dees Garden Center, and ONE PERSON WILL WIN EACH MONTH!

Simply email me your answers to  Thanks for participating! 



June Trivia Question: 


 How many cents of every dollar donated supports programs benefiting Candlelighters Families? Hint: 





May Trivia Question: Approx. how many rose bushes are planted in Portland's Rose Test Gardens?

Answer: Over 10,000 bushes! 

Winner of the drawing:  Seth F ! 


April Trivia Question: Portland features the unique 4T Trail. What do the 4 T's stand for?

Answer: Max TRAIN, Marquam TRAIL, OHSU TRAM & Portland TROLLEY! 

Winner of the drawing:  Bonnie S ! 


March Trivia Question: Portland is home to Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in the US.  How many miles of trails are featured in the park?

Answer:  80 miles of trails

Winner of the drawing:  Eva G ! 


February Trivia Question: According to Irish legend, what is the occupation of a Leprechaun?

Answer: "Shoe Maker or Shoe Cobbler"

Winner of the drawing:  Robyn A ! 


January Trivia Question: In the 1993 comedy classic "Groundhog Day" what song plays on every morning on the clock radio?

Answer: "I Got You Babe" by Sonny & Cher 

Winner of the drawing:  Reneca B ! 


December Trivia Question: Approximately how many lights are on display at Oregon Zoo Lights?  

Answer: Over 1.5 million! 

Winner of the drawing:  Brett H ! 


November Trivia Question: How many wild turkeys roamed through my backyard this year?  

Answer: 13! 

Winner of the drawing:  Matt F ! 


October Trivia Question: How long is the Lava River Cave, Oregon's longest continuous lava tube? 

Answer: 5,211 feet in length.

Winner of the drawing:  Reneca B ! 


September Trivia Question: Pumpkins are grown on every continent except one. Which one? 

Answer: Antarctica

Winner of the drawing:  Gina C ! 


August Trivia Question: Oregon was the first state to declare Labor Day a holiday. What year was this? 

Answer: 1887

Winner of the drawing:  Behailu S ! 


July Trivia Question: In August, where in Oregon can you go to watch the amazing Cirque Zuma Zuma perform? 

Answer: Oregon State Fair

Winner of the drawing:  Robin H ! 


June Trivia Question: What are the flat bottom boats called, which are seen landing right on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon? 

Answer: Dory Boats

Winner of the drawing:  Lauren F ! 


May Trivia Question: In the theme of the Portland Rose Festival...What year did the first rose bush arrive in Oregon (as a wedding gift to Anna Maria Pittman)? 

Answer: 1837

Winner of the drawing:  Bill S !  


April Trivia Question: What names did the settlers give to the Three Sisters mountains in the 1840s?

Answer: Mt Faith, Mt Hope & Mt Charity. 

Winner of the drawing:  Emily S !  


March Trivia Question: Who won the first NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1939?

Answer: OREGON!  Nicknamed the "Tall Firs" due to the height of several players. Oregon beat Ohio 46-33. 

Winner of the drawing:  Kristy F !  


February Trivia Question: Who won the Oscar for Best Short Documentary in 2017?

Answer: The White Helmets.  An inspiring film about the heroic volunteers who risk their own lives to save anyone (regardless of their religion or politics) immediately following bombings and mortars striking people of Syria.

Winner of the drawing:  Reneca B !  


January Trivia Question: Who won the XLVII Super Bowl and what team did they defeat?

Answer: Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers with a score of 34-31  

Winner of the drawing: Bill S ! 


December Trivia Question: In the song "Twelve Days of Christmas", what gift is given on the 6th day?

Answer: 6 Geese a-Laying 

Winner of the drawing: Patty S ! 


November Question: What was the first giant balloon to take to the air in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?   

Answer: Felix the Cat

Winner of the drawing: Betsy S !


October Question: What city in Oregon is famous for hosting an annual pumpkin race, where costumed participants row their enormous pumpkins across a lake?   

Answer: Tualatin. "Tualatin West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta" is a fall time favorite event for the northwest! 

Winner of the drawing: Jan F !


September Question: What city in Oregon is famous for being the oldest U.S. settlement west of the Rockies?                                                          Answer: Astoria

Winner of the drawing: Michele A!


August Question: Which US President dedicated Timberline Lodge in 1937 after it was built as a Work Progress Administration Project?   

Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Winner of the drawing: Bruce M !


July Question: Oregon ranks #1 in the nation producing what 3 berries?  

Answer: Blackberries, Black Raspberries & Boysenberries 

Winner of the drawing: Jean E !


June Question: Which governor established the "Oregon Beach Bill" making beaches open to the public throughout the entire state?  

Answer: Gov. Tom McCall 

Winner of the drawing: Bill S !




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